OT—The Plagues are visiting me!

This is a very random post…

I’m assuming the majority of people who will read this are moms and wives. But even if you’re not, you’ll probably still understand exactly what I’m saying.

After nearly a week off, my husband has finally returned to work. Thank goodness. For as much as I love the man, he was driving me nuts. Wouldn’t you know that with the first day of October, the Plagues of Egypt decided to come visit me? Well, not really. Thankfully, we haven’t had the real plagues such as: hail, frogs, lice, locust, flies, bloody water, etc, but it’s been close enough.

For nearly the past week, I’ve had one child who had a stomach virus that wouldn’t go away, and the other with a head cold. Throw on top of it, my husband who has strep throat, and you have the makings for a very germ-infested, chaotic house full of people coughing, hacking, groaning, and fighting over the TV remote. Somehow I’ve managed to survive without getting one of these ailments. However, after more than six days. Everyone has decided to trade their disease… My husband who step throat, says his throat feels better now, but his stomach hurts… My older son who had the head cold, woke me up at 12 am this morning to inform me his throat was on fire. Meanwhile, the son who hadn’t been able to keep anything down the past few days is now ravenous, but is hacking up a lung.

So while yet another trip to the doctor might be on the agenda for today, I couldn’t help wanting to take a minute to collectively offer my admiration and praise to all the wives and mothers out there. May you all have a great weekend, know you are appreciated, and STAY WELL!

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