A “Murphy’s Law” Day

Ever hear of Murphy’s Law?

The real quote/law read like this:

It is found that anything that can go wrong at sea generally does go wrong sooner or later, so it is not to be wondered that owners prefer the safe to the scientific…. Sufficient stress can hardly be laid on the advantages of simplicity. The human factor cannot be safely neglected in planning machinery. If attention is to be obtained, the engine must be such that the engineer will be disposed to attend to it.

However, most of us—myself included—shorten it, and maybe even rephrase it a bit, to something like this:

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

(Or some other variation of those words)

Today is one of those days for me.

It’s barely 1 in the afternoon and I’ve already:

  • Put my shirt on backwards—which, I didn’t realize until I was in the car but it was too late so I had to walk my kids to their classroom with my shirt on backwards (in my defense, this was a plain shirt with no writing or pattern and it’s hard to tell the front from the back except the front dips a touch more and the back has this little square inch “tag” that’s nothing more than just a few lines of what appears to be ironed on letters).
  • Deleted all my edits up to chapter 25 (out of 30)
  • Said a naughty word in front of my kids while driving down the highway… I’m just waiting for a call from their teacher
  • Sent out not one, but two, mass e-mails with typos—in the first sentence
  • Gotten myself locked out of my e-mail account for typing in the wrong password too many times
  • Cracked my debit card in half—don’t ask. On the plus side, it cracked lengthwise and the little black strip is still intact so I can still use it (kind of—maybe if I hold it with a pair of tweezers…) until the new one arrives
  • Said, “Yes, ma’am.” To the MAN on the other end of the phone. Oh, and did I mention he was a State Trooper?
And those are just the things I’m comfortable admitting in public.
Why admit to them at all? Simple. Sure, they don’t show me in a very good light, but if you can’t laugh at yourself from time to time then you take life too seriously. Besides, there’s always tomorrow.
Now, I’m headed off to the kitchen to have lunch. Just to err on the side of caution, I’ll make a PB&J with a dull butter knife. If anyone is brave enough to post about their Murphy’s Law experience, please do. I’d love to have a reason to laugh at *cough, cough* with you.
Have a great day, everyone and enjoy your weekend!

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