A little algebra for you: does AS=RG?

In the past eight months, I’ve answered a lot of reader questions on here that have passed through my inbox. I’ve also publicly answered a few “search engine questions” such as: what to say to a wayward wife, how steamy are Rose Gordon’s sex scenes, did Rose Gordon model Paul Grimes from Liberty for Paul after her own husband, and a handful of other gems.

Today I’m going to answer a few more!

This morning I was doing some website upkeep and decided to see what search terms led people to my website.  While I found several that I expected, I found a few I didn’t.

Here’s a few:

1. Looking for a heroine who binds her breasts

Quite honestly, I have no idea how google knew to direct this searcher to my site, but whether just sheer luck, or google is smarter than we all think, I do in fact have a heroine who binds her breasts! Brooke Banks, heroine from Intentions of the Earl binds her breasts. But not for the reasons her hero thinks…

2. Is Rose Gordon a genius?

Talk about flattering! I don’t know for sure, but this search was probably a direct result of an author interview I did (which is now unavailable or I would have attached the link) over the summer where I discussed my own personal interest in science and how I gave my scientific interests to one of my overlapping characters, Alex, who was the hero in Her Sudden Groom. After the interview, in the comments section of the blog, someone who I’ve known since high school commented about how I used to bore her with my math and science talk, and how I scored a 164 on an IQ test we took when we were in high school. I guess it doesn’t hurt that I’ve only added to this by putting in my bio that I wanted to be a rocket scientist and that I build an launch model rockets on a regular basis. I guess I might be considered a genius by some, but I’m also considered a nerd by many.

3. Rose Gordon mating hedgehogs

Seriously? Well, I hate to disappoint anyone, but all the knowledge I actually have on the subject of the mating habits of hedgehogs can be found somewhere in the middle of Liberty for Paul.  Other than that the male sniffs something (what, I don’t know), when he’s ready, I have no real knowledge of hedgehog procreation.

And finally…

4. Are Ava Stone and Rose Gordon the same author?

For as much as I wish her paychecks were being deposited into my accounts and her ideas into my head, the answer is no. Ava is, however, a very sweet, generous author who I’ve become friends with over the past few months. In case you didn’t know, she actually is the one who gave Liberty a book cover makeover. But her talent isn’t only with beautiful cover art, she’s rumored to have some knock out Regencies, which you can find out about on her website.

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