A Few Updates!

It’s hard to get back in the habit of blogging after so much time away! But here’s a bit of what’s going on.

1. I  should finish writing Her Secondhand Groom today.

This is a HUGE step. I’d written a good portion of it in June, then a virus wiped my computer out. So, of course, I re-write nearly all of it in July. Got to 95K words and couldn’t close the story. After the virus wiped out my files, I should have just started over from there, but I didn’t. I rewrote the same story, with the same characters. That was a mistake. The hero and heroine had no spark. Zero. I then tried to make some changes early in the book that would help the outcome to make them fall in love…and it wasn’t working. So, on a camping trip in July, my husband created that missing spark, and used my manuscript to feed the fire. Seriously. My husband actually burned my book in the campfire…

Needless to say, in August, I started over. Same hero, same basic storyline, new heroine. Much better story. It took a while to write due to one attention-stealing emergency after another, but today it should be done!

2. The date of Her Reluctant Groom‘s release has changed.

I think originally I wanted to do all of the groom series a month apart—on the first. As you know that changed when I had to re-write the third book for the series. There was  just no way it could be written and out by Nov. 1st with all the edits and whatnot I was doing on the side to the other books in the series. From there, I moved the date to the 15th, to allow an even six weeks between books. This should give enough time to finish writing, and do multiple rounds of editing on Her Secondhand Groom. However, October 15th, is no longer the date I’m striving for, but rather the 14th. Just the difference in a day, but that way it gives plenty of time before the weekend to go live.

3. Book schedule for the rest of 2011 into 2012.

Please note this is tentative—dates, titles, characters and ideas can change at any time.

Her Reluctant Groom—October 14, 2011 (Will feature Marcus from Her Sudden Groom)

Her Secondhand Groom—December 1, 2011 (Features Drake, mentioned briefly in Her Sudden Groom but featured more in Her Reluctant Groom)

Her Imperfect Groom—January 13, 2012 (Features a secondary—sort of a surprise for now, you know me, always secretive about the H/h match up—character from Her Reluctant Groom, and minor character from Her Sudden Groom)

END OF GROOM SERIES—Beginning of Banks Brothers Brides Series (working series name)

Book 1 (no title yet)—March 1, 2012—Edward and Regina’s Story

Book 2 (no title yet)—April 13, 2012—John and Carolin’s Story

Book 3 (no title yet)—June 1, 2012 or August 31, 2012*—Elijah, Alex’s brother from Her Sudden Groom

Book 4 (no title yet)—July 13, 2012 or October 12, 2012*—Henry, Alex’s brother from Her Sudden Groom

*The span of dates on these books is because right now I’m ahead of schedule. I have books that are done or near done so it allows me a bit more time to work on writing/editing my next book. However, I can get behind schedule very quickly if the content editor takes longer to get back with me, a family emergency, that dratted writer’s block etc. So while I like to have a set pattern of roughly every six weeks, and I enjoy putting books that belong to the same serious out close together, it may not happen like I’m planning now.

4. Other changes

There are a list of other changes I have planned that I’ll be doing, mainly with my website and blog. Be looking for them in the near future, but I’ll also be posting on them soon.

5. Character Interviews?

Yes, I’ll be bringing them back. Not as often as I did them before, but I’ll definitely be bringing them back.

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