Another bout of Reader Questions

First, let me apologize. These past two months have been nothing but hectic for me, and unfortunately, blogging was the activity that has suffered most for that. However—and I say this from a “looking out for everyone’s best interest” standpoint—I’d personally rather have this suffer than writing my next book. My guess is, you would, too. Right?

Moving onto the questions–and no, I don’t think any contain any real spoilers.

Why didn’t Edward have such a vibrant personality in the first three books?

Well, that’s easy. Edward didn’t have much of a role in the first three books. He was barely mentioned in the first, not even mentioned in the third, and had a very minor role in the second. With all the other big personalities at the time, his roles had to be kept abbreviated or he and his larger-than-life personality would steal the show, so to speak.

Speaking of stealing the show… I wish Edward would have his own book. Is there anything in the works for that?

(Note here, when I read this question, I must admit that I wondered if she’d finished the book yet.) Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve batted the idea around a little, but I don’t know.

What about the twins? Their names aren’t in the descriptions for the other books in this series. Will they have a story?

Of course! They’ll be part of my next series. When I first started writing Alex’s book, I knew he had to have siblings because it was casually referred to in Intentions of the Earl but they were never introduced. I thought it would be odd to have an entire book about Alex and not have his siblings introduced, or even alluded to, so I did, and then… You get the idea.

Her Sudden Groom has a lot of references to your first series, how come?

Good thing you read my first series then, right? *Grins* While some might think it was a marketing ploy to have such direct remarks and insinuations to the first series, it was not. Remember what I said about the twins? I originally just needed them for the sake of appearances, then grew close and now, they’ll get their own stories–eventually? That’s what happened with Alex. In the first book, Andrew needed an easy invitation to the baron’s house party. How convenient that the baron would have a son who just happened to be Andrew’s age. That’s how Alex entered the whole fray in the first place. He was just meant to be a means to an invitation for Andrew. Then—if the unsettling truth be known—I’d planned to pair Alex and Olivia up as a subplot romance in that book, until her beastly personality came out, that is.

From Alex’s impromptu role in Intentions of the Earl I grew somewhat attached and brought him back in Liberty for Paul then made mention of him in To Win His Wayward Wife. I say all that to add, the reason there is so many direct mentions of the first series is because Alex’s book was supposed to be part of the first series. However, not wanting to forfeit the name of the series (Scandalous Sisters), I bumped Alex to the next series and made Marcus the mutual friend of all the heroes in the series. Er, “friend” may not be the most accurate term to classify the relationship between Marcus, hero for Her Reluctant Groom, and Wallace, hero for newly added, Her Imperfect Groom. But you’ll just have to wait to see how they’re connected…

Where the blazes have you been?

(No kidding, this is exactly how the question was worded.) Writing. That’s the simple answer. Through a series of unfortunate events–one being a virus, the other being a book that just wasn’t working–I’ve recently had to start ALL over writing my most recent work-in-progress, Her Secondhand Groom. While this shouldn’t have been a problem, it’s become one because of how much time I’ve had to devote to other things, both on a private and professional front. However, by the end of today, I’m hoping to be up to 60K words, which is nearly 2/3 of the way done and starting next week, I’ll spend my days just writing and not editing, proofing, formatting etc and can focus solely on getting that book done so I can start the whole process all over again. Yay!

You don’t have heroines listed on your descriptions for upcoming books, Lady Olivia isn’t one of them, is she?

No. I’ve been asked more than once not to “pull a Gateway”. Have no fear. That was never my intention. Unfortunately for Olivia, she falls victim to herself in the next book but that just might work to someone’s advantage in a later book… Once again, that’s all I’m saying for now.

That’s all the questions for now, if you have one, don’t hesitate to write me: rose@rosegordonromance.com Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Another bout of Reader Questions”

  1. I must be the only one who actually likes Olivia. LOL Hey, some characters are so nasty and rude you can’t help but wonder what they’ll do that’ll be worse than what they did before. Olivia’s the character I love to hate, if that makes sense.

    Good luck on the rewrite of Her Sudden Groom!

    1. I take it you’re not very far into the book yet. LOL By halfway you’ll be past loving to hate her. I assure you! But yeah, for as crazy as she drives me (and all the characters) I like a nasty villain(ess).

      My goal by the end of tomorrow is to be done with my preliminary Reluctant edits and be up to 65K in Secondhand. YIKES!

  2. Rose, you always do this in your blogs, giving hints toward what may or may not happen in future books. Now I’m dying to know how what happens to Olivia might come to someone elses advantage. Keep putting those teases out there and you wil have readers waiting for your next books to go on sale.

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