The story behind the story…

There’s an old adage: write what you know. Well, of all the books I’ve written, Her Sudden Groom, hits closest to home for me.

In many, many ways, I’m a lot like Caroline. One way being that I LOVE science. Love it. Of course, I made Caroline (and Alex, naturally) love the biology aspect of science, but my interest is more in the physical science. And astronomy, of course. But that’s not the only similarity between Her Sudden Groom and my life. Now, I won’t give all my embarrassing stories/secrets but here are some. (Please take note, if you have not yet read the book, this will not give away any big secrets/spoilers.)

I like love science!

As I mentioned before, I like science. When I was younger I wanted to be a rocket scientist. And when I say younger, I don’t mean seven or eight. Add a “teen” on the end of that. But alas, aeronautical engineering was not meant to be my future. Instead, I build model rockets with my husband and boys and launch them. Particularly on the fourth of July. Forget fireworks, we shoot up patriotic rockets.

Space huh? Know anything about lunar eclipses?

Admittedly not much. However, as it happened, one took place while I was writing this book! How fortunate for me, right? It was very unfortunate for my husband, however. At midnight, I woke him up to go outside with me and shiver side by side (sorry, not one in front of the other *wink, wink*) while watching our first lunar eclipse. Very fun. About 3 a.m. it was over and my husband got to rest for two hours before getting up to go to work! (And who says I don’t do any research?!)

Research? Any other type of “special” research for this book?

Yep. I finally gave into my husband’s pleadings and bought a croquet, or pall mall, set so we could play! Just like in the book, we’ve only played once. This is where I’m more like Alex than Caroline, though. I’d played that infuriatingly difficult game before. He hadn’t. I lost by a long shot. He won. Winner’s luck, I tell you.

And finally, the one that strikes closest to home…

How did I come up with such an unusual plot?

My husband once conducted an “experiment” to get a girl. And that girl was… you guessed it. Me. I am nowhere near kidding! We met our senior year in high school and at first everything was okay, but then he started acting weird. Very weird. So after a few months, I confronted him and after being pressured he finally admitted he was “conducting an experiment” to capture my interest. What an infuriating man. All he had to do was ask me on a date, I would have gladly accepted. But no. He had turn it into some sort of a scientific study. By then, his little “experiment” had backfired on him and it took months before I’d have anything to do with him again… And when I did, I conducted an “experiment” of my own and it only took only a matter of months (three) to snag him as a husband!

8 thoughts on “The story behind the story…”

  1. LOL And now for the grandest secret of them all: men are much easier to get than women because you accomplished in a shorter period of time what he couldn’t. 😛 Or maybe it’s women play the game better? Hmmm…

    Can I ask what he was doing in this experiment? Did he have a set up phrases he’d say to see how you’d react or did he do a set of actions to see how you’d react, like walking you to your locker, giving you a CD, or something? If you can’t reveal the details, that’s fine. I figured it can’t hurt to ask. This is very intriguing. I’ll have to read the book to see what Alex does.

    BTW, I love genetics. I almost went into that field.

    1. You don’t want to know what the experiment was. It wasn’t in the least bit romantic. Just plain weird. And it had stages. At first, he was just kind of aloof. Not nice, not mean. Just there. Ask him a question, get a one-word answer. Then he was, rude (seriously). Apparently he wasn’t getting anywhere with the aloof method so he thought to see if girls (or me, as the case may be) truly were attracted to jerks. [Note: This is the stage where I nearly brained him] Then suddenly he wanted to be Mr. Nice Guy. Irritated in his “mood swings”, I confronted him. His response: “I was conducting an experiment”. We were standing at the top of the stairs and it was all I could not to give into my urge to push him down the stairs. Anyway, at that point I was done trying to figure him out or be friendly with him (and yes, I did have interest in him from the start and he knew it). So he spent the last six weeks of school and the entire following summer trying to make amends. Serves him right.

      But when I finally thought he’d suffered enough, I agreed to go on a date with him then three months later we had a botched elopement…

      I must say, he’s really not the jerk he sounds to be in this fabulous story. He’d just never had a girlfriend before! Anyway, as one of my beta readers said, I must have one of the sweetest husbands ever since all my heroes are such sweethearts. And she’s right. He’s a total sweetheart. Just a little misguided at times…

      Also as a disclaimer–I should probably add this into the post–there were no babies (or conception of) involved in the snare I laid for him. Just quick wit and a hint of teasing… LOL

      1. He thought by being aloof or a jerk, he really might gain a girl’s interest?

        And if he knew you were already interested in him, then why conduct the experiment anyway? It seems that what he did before the experiment worked. Why mess up a good thing? LOL

        But seriously, is Alex in your book going to pull goofy stuff like that or does he take a more scientific approach, like dealing with the five senses instead of emotions? (I know, I know, read the rest of the book and find out, but can I get a hint?)

      2. I guess so. He was really shy around girls and his brother (of course) told him to act that way. That he’d catch a girl… GOOD GRIEF. Anyway, so he tried it and it didn’t work. But I was around him enough when other people were present to know that wasn’t how his personality. (This almost sounds like Isaac and Emily’s relationship a little doesn’t it? Just that Isaac was told not to talk to Emily and she’s intrigued by it…) Anyway, as I said his experiment was very strange and I didn’t appreciate it…and now I make him pay for it. But really, he’s a good guy. I promise.

        (Oh, and he didn’t know I was interested in him. He could have known had he asked, though.)

        As for Alex…Umm…no he doesn’t depend on the sense of smelling, but perhaps touch… *wink, wink*

      3. That makes sense if his brother told him to do it. LOL That was pretty clever of the brother to ruin his chances with girls like that. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, but my first thought was the second book in the series, Roderick Rules, because Roderick was doing everything he could to make Greg miserable. I love the series, and so do my boys.

        I misunderstood. I thought your husband did know you were interested. It’s actually sweet that he didn’t know and followed his brother’s “advice” because it shows how innocent he was.

        I guess in Isaac’s case, being aloof is working for him. Emily’s the type who loves a challenge.

        I look forward to seeing what Alex tries with the touching. And why am I not surprised a man would opt to do experiments involving physical contact? 😛

      4. LOL Well, he’d never had a girlfriend before, which explains A LOT of why he acted so bizarrely. But whatever. I think he did know at some point that I had interest, but it was pretty late in the game.

        I’ll have to check those books/movies out. Thanks for the tip.

        See, for some–like Isaac–aloof works.

        All men–even the weird one–like touching, that’s why you’re not surprised. LOL

    1. LOL You must have posted this while I was responding to Ruth’s comment. I posted his experiment under her comment. Don’t get too excited. It’s probably not what you’re expecting.

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