Fun on Friday…

I’ve done a few posts on readers’ questions or humorous search engine terms that have lead to my blog, but it’s been a while. So today, I think it’s time to answer a few questions.

1. What possessed you to make up such a silly legend in To Win His Wayward Wife?

Actually, I didn’t make it up. Not completely anyway. For those who don’t know or can’t remember, when Madison is sketching hers and Benjamin’s (Gateway) feet together in the stream she tells about an old Indian legend she heard from her neighbor who was half-Indian about a person’s intelligence being tied directly to the length of your second toe in correlation to your first big toe.

I got this idea from my husband actually. His step-mother is part Indian and she told him about this old Indian legend. From which tribe, I don’t know, but there it is…

2. So if the second toe is longer, does that mean they’re smarter or dumber than others?

Ah, this I can’t tell!!! It’s a secret. I don’t have many secrets, so I must cling to the ones I have. Sorry!

3. Do you believe in the legend?

Absolutely NOT! As you can guess, the legend itself doesn’t work in my favor, if it were real. But even if it did work in my favor, I couldn’t image myself being convinced my intelligence hinges on my toes! Good grief!

4. Why did you make all the heroines Americans?

Well, since they were sisters they needed to be the same nationality. But, I’m guessing the interest is more why I made them Americans in the first place. There really isn’t answer to this. I just wanted to do something different. I’m not saying it’s truly unique. it’s not. There are many American heroines, but I thought it’d be a good change. Plus I liked the names I got to use.

5. How did you come up with using “liberty” as a name?

I stole it! I had a science teacher in high school whose wife was named Liberty. I liked it. When I wrote the character, it seemed the perfect fit. She undoubtedly lived right up to the name.

6. How did you get the idea to have Alex discuss hedgehogs and their mating rituals?

I have no idea. The idea just came to me. I was writing and thought he needed to say something absurd (but about science) and when I looked out my window and saw some squirrels…the rest just clicked. On a side note, I know absolutely nothing about the mating habits of hedgehogs.

7. Will Alex be discussing hedgehogs in his book?

Not really. The former conversation is alluded to, but Alex has far more important mating habits he needs to be focusing on his book. Sorry to disappoint.

8. Will characters from the first series be reappearing in the second?

Of course! In the first book There’s a few scenes with Brooke and Andrew, Paul and Liberty, Madison and Benjamin, John and Carolina since they’re direct relatives of Alex’s, but in the other books they’re not present as much, just cameos.


9. Have you considered writing other genres?

Yes. But I don’t know what’ll happen with that yet. I have an idea for six Regency books that aren’t written as of now, so after those, I might try a book in a different genre, but I don’t see writing in more than two, if that. Some writers can pull it off and others can’t. For now, I’ll stick with Regencies, but in a year or two we’ll see…

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