Character Interview with Edward Banks, Baron Watson, Secondary Character from Her Sudden Groom

Good morning. Today I have traveled back in time to 1814 to have a visit with Edward Banks, Alex’s father. While typically I like to bring my characters here to present, it just seemed the best course to go see him–

Would you stop it, gel! Just tell them the truth, I’m unfit for any type of travel that consists of going further than down to the dining room. *Coughs violently*

Uh…right… Ahem, Lord Watson isn’t doing so well these days.

That’s an understatement. Can you pour me a glass of water, please?

Sure. Here you are. Thank you for agreeing to do the interview, Edward. I was wondering if you’d–

Tell you why I signed that blasted agreement that would marry my son off to that dreadful creature they call Lady Olivia?


I was drunk.

Right, because you and Olivia’s father were celebrating her birth.

*Shudders* Yes. Joseph–her father–and I had always been close friends. We thought it was the workings of fate that our children shared a birthdate and in our merry celebration we drew up the contract.

You just had it drawn up?

Well, there was a solicitor there with us. He scribbled out all the fancy words and we just signed it.

Did you not think your son might like to choose his own wife?

No. *Coughs* Not at the time. Regina and I had an arranged marriage, I just thought….

Your son would like one, too?

Rose, the boy may have only been eight at the time, but it was already clear as day he would have trouble finding a wife.

So you thought to betroth him to the first available female you could find?

Well, no. I wouldn’t have signed that agreement with just anyone. I had reason to sign it with Joseph.

What reason?

I already told you. He and I were close friends, we just thought our children would make a good match.

Do you still think so?

*Chokes* No. Not at all. By the time that little urchin was eight–Olivia, not Alex–I realized she was not suited to be my son’s wife, that’s why I pressured Joseph to amend the contract.

Did you have someone else in mind when you had it amended?

Perhaps. *Coughs*

You sly devil you. You’re no better than that scheming brother of yours.

Where do you think he learned it from?

*Shakes head* All right, so do you think Alex can fulfill the terms of the addendum in time?

He sure can if he stops thinking with his head and starts thinking with–

*Coughs and pounds chest* That’ll be enough on that vein of thought, my lord. This is a public interview, for goodness’ sake!

*Shrugs* I don’t know what your problem is, it’s not like you haven’t written naughty stuff before. Besides, who do you think puts these thoughts in my head???

Right, well, you better behave yourself, Lord Watson, or I’ll make it where your title goes to Olivia’s spawn…

You better not.

Well, you are the one who signed that agreement…

And a foolish thing it was. But that matters naught, Alex still has time.

That he does. Four weeks, isn’t it.

That’s not funny. I’m sure Alex is perfectly capable of marrying a nice young lady if you put a few naughty thoughts in his head.

Is that all you think about?

No, not all. But it’s the majority. Don’t forget it was you who made me this way. And you wonder why your–

*Clears throat* Yes, I did make you that way. Well, before Edward here can tell on me anymore, I shall conclude for the day. Join me later in the week for yet another fun-filled interview.

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