Another Interview with Alex Banks, Hero from Her Sudden Groom

Good morning, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was hectic, as usual. You know, it’s hard at times to keep a handle on characters. Sometimes they just do whatever it is they want without any regard to what I–the writer and their creator–imagines. Just like right now. As I type this, I am pausing to catch my breath from chasing Alex. He is on the run from something!

As if you don’t know what that something is!

You’re right, I do.

Why didn’t you warn me?

*shrugs* Why would I?

So I would have know what I was walking into!

I thought it’d be more fun this way. Besides, I tried to tell you. I told you you were about to find yourself very busy in the near future, and I even hinted about your eighth birthday–

You know subtle hints don’t work with me, Rose. If there’s something I should know, you need to just be frank and say it. You created me, you should know this.

I did know this. I just decided to ignore it. I thought it was more fun this way. 

For you, perhaps.

Of course. I don’t see what the problem is, Alex. You’ve been given a means of escape, so to speak.

And I fully intend to use it if I can.

What do you mean, if you can? Do you not think the new Lord Sinclair will have mercy on you?

I don’t know. He’s an old friend, I think he’ll honor the addendum.

Then what’s the problem?

Madam, tell me, would you marry someone so commonly known as Arid Alex?

*Blinks* Clearly you have not met my husband. 

Well then, I guess there is a woman who’d marry such a man. But…wait. You’re just as arid as I am.

How so?

*snorts* I’ll admit you do not have all the social struggles I face, but you’re just as scientifically inclined as I am.

And how would you know that?

*Blinks owlishly* I didn’t mean it as a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing. Considering your poor grammar–ending sentences with prepositions and all–it would seem a blessing for you to have such an strong scientific interest. A redeeming quality, if you will.

Why thank you, Alex. Nothing like one’s character to put them in their place.

I said it wasn’t a bad thing, and it’s not. I don’t know many people who look at the temperature reading in Celsius and convert it to Fahrenheit so easily.

Oh do be serious, Alex. That’s simple. All you have to do is multiply the number by nine, then divide by five, then add thirty two. See, not too hard at all. 

I know. I never said it was too hard. I merely said, not everyone can do it so easily. You can do it in about three seconds in your head and most require at least a few minutes with a pen and paper and some even need a number cruncher.

A number cruncher?

Yes, you know one of those big white contraptions I see you punching on from time to time while the paper spins out the back. Rather fascinating, actually. I’ve been itching to take it apart and see what makes it spin like that.

Don’t you dare. I need that. The math may be simple enough to do in my head, but half the reason I studied accounting was so I could use one of nifty number crunchers. You’re not to touch it. 

How about this, you don’t make me marry Lady Olivia and I won’t take apart your number cruncher.

How about this: you go see Marcus and see what he has to say. Perhaps he has an idea or two you…

As long as his idea doesn’t involve me marrying his wretched sister, I’m game.

Even if it means being paired up with a woman as scientifically inclined as you?

Even better.

Well, nothing’s decided yet. You still have to meet with Marcus.

I know. Now if you’ll excuse me, my destiny is waiting.

Yes, yes it is, and so is my next book, so I better dash off myself. Tomorrow I’ll be speaking with Marcus, Lord Sinclair, come join me then. 

2 thoughts on “Another Interview with Alex Banks, Hero from Her Sudden Groom”

    1. If only that were so…

      Actually, Alex was a very good character. He really didn’t deviate too much. Now the character I’m currently writing about….I’m about ready to reach through the fabric of time and smack him!

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