Character Interview with Alex Banks, hero from Her Sudden Groom

Good morning, everyone. A little more than four and a half months ago I did my first Character Interview with Paul, hero from Liberty for Paul. Since then, I’ve done dozens of interviews with heroes, heroines, villains, secondary characters and even a very unprofessional butler. But during all those interviews, I only had a very brief conversation with Alex Banks who played a secondary character in both Intentions of the Earl and Liberty for Paul. If I remember correctly, he showed up just as I was digging myself out of trouble with Brooke and had his own bone to pick with me. Other than that, he’s not been featured. But that’s all about to change! Please welcome Alex Banks, hero from my upcoming novel, Her Sudden Groom.

Hi Alex, thanks for joining me today.

You’re most welcome. Always happy to oblige.

Ah yes, that’s right. I nearly forgot, you’re rather well-known for your impeccable reputation and meticulous gentlemanly manners.

*Twists lips* Yes, that’s correct.

You act as if that’s a bad thing.

It’s not, I suppose, but nobody, and I do mean nobody, wishes to be called Arid Alex.

Surely nobody calls you that to your face.

You’d be surprised.

Well, enough on that. I didn’t bring you here today to discuss your nickname. I was told you were about to be put on a very tight time constraint in the very near future, so I won’t waste a lot of your time today. In fact, I just have one, maybe two, or perhaps three, very simple questions for you. Do you by chance remember your eighth birthday very well?

*Blinks* Yes, but I fail to see what that has to do with anything. Besides, what do you mean by I’m about to be short on time. I have some very important things to document for my latest article. See, there’s these flowers about to bloom in the coming weeks, then after they do, I’ll have to relocate them in the conservatory and observe how well they do in their new environment. I cannot have other matters to attend.

I do believe this matter just might trump your latest experiment. Besides, who knows, it might turn into more experiments… *Clears throat* All right, Alex, answer my question. Do you remember anything about your eighth birthday?

*Shrugs* I was gifted a mare.


I snuck out of the house later that night to see her.


And nothing. I didn’t get caught.

You didn’t?


Why not?

*Sighs* I don’t know. I just didn’t. Mother was asleep and Father was visiting a friend.

Ah, very good. We’re getting somewhere now. Do you remember anything about when your father came home?

Actually, yes. He was acting most unusual. He seemed to be in an extremely good mood. While coming into the house singing a bawdy tune wasn’t so unusual, as soon as he saw mother, he changed songs and sung the hallelujah chorus and said he had some exciting news.

And you didn’t hear what that news was?

*Shrugs* No. I was an eight year old boy who just got his first mare, Father’s exciting news paled in comparison.

Hmmm. All right. Were you ever informed of what he found to be so exciting that night?


*Mutters under breath* I have a feeling you’re about to be.

Pardon? I didn’t quite catch that.

It was nothing, just talking to my self.

All right…

Well, now for my next question. Do you happen to remember Lady Olivia?

Rose, I might be a tad absentminded and thought to be a dullard, but even I know who she is.

Does that mean you enjoy her company?

No. I do not.

Are you sure?

Yes. Quite. That hour you forced me to spend with her in Intentions of the Earl was pure misery.

So is it safe to say you do not find her personality to be agreeable?

No. Not in the least.

What of her cousin?

You mean Lady Caroline? *Shrugs* I barely remember her. In fact, all I remember about her is that she accompanied Lady Olivia to a Society meeting some time ago.

The look on your face tells me this was not a good experience. Did Lady Caroline leave you with an unfavorable impression of herself?

Not at all. Actually, Lady Caroline was the only bright spot in that day. She’s rather fetching, if memory serves. Her cousin, however, was most infuriating that day.

Anything else you remember about the Society meeting that day?

Nothing I care to. *Glances at pocket watch* If you’ll excuse me, Father requested my presence in fifteen minutes. How about if I come back on Monday to conclude the interview?

Perfect! I’ll be very excited–as will my readers, I’m sure–to know what your father has to say.

Until then, everyone have a good weekend and stay cool…

2 thoughts on “Character Interview with Alex Banks, hero from Her Sudden Groom”

  1. Lady Olivia and Alex’s time together in Intentions of the Earl was one of my favorite scenes. It’ll be fun to see her again in Her Sudden Groom. She might have been annoying to the characters, but she was fun to the reader.

    1. I don’t know if fun is quite the word I’d use to describe her role in Her Sudden Groom, but there are some parts that are fun for the reader. LOL

      In my first draft of Intentions of the Earl I actually followed Alex and Olivia on their tour…it wasn’t a pretty sight. At the time I was thinking to make them a subplot romance, but then had mercy for Alex and put a swift end to that.

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