It’s August

It’s now scorching August and I am finally back from vacation–again. In June I went to one side of the country, in July the other and now I am back home squarely in the middle! Right were I belong. So now that I’m back home, I’ll be blogging more regularly again. Here’s what to expect for the month:

  • The REAL cover for Her Sudden Groom I know several of you will be disappointed it will not be the two hedgehogs stargazing, but I just don’t see that one being widely accepted.
  • Interviews. What kind of interviews? Character interviews, of course! Once again, I’ll start doing some character interviews for this book. You’ll get to meet Alex, his future wife, her family and his.
  • Also, I’ll be interviewing another author or two.

Other than that, not much going on just working on the final details for my next series!

2 thoughts on “It’s August”

    1. I don’t know if I’ll do spoof covers for the others. Cover design is NOT my forte. But it does seem easier to come up with a humorous fake cover than a real one, doesn’t it?

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