Liberty this Holiday Weekend

In honor of the holiday weekend that celebrates the freedom of the United States, I thought everyone could use a little extra Liberty this year and have decided to offer Liberty for Paul for .99 from the 1st to the 4th of July!

Liberty Banks loves revenge almost as much as she hates one Mr. Paul Grimes, who, she considers to be the most improper creature she has ever clapped eyes on. But when her plans for revenge against Paul go bust, she suddenly finds herself walking down the aisle to him.

Once married, a battle of the wills breaks out as each tries to reform the other. Liberty wants nothing more than to have a proper husband, and Paul will stop at nothing to have is all too proper wife do something–anything–to break the rules of society, specifically to do the most improper thing imaginable, fall in love with the most improper man: her husband.


To find out more about this book including how I came up with the title, character interviews or to read about the nomination Liberty recently received at Amazon, feel free to visit the Liberty for Paul book page.

Have a good holiday weekend everyone and if you’re a citizen of the United States make sure to take a little time to remember all the brave men and women who’ve died to give us the freedom (AKA liberty) we enjoy.

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