Ah, young love, just what is a mother to do?

I believe I’ve mentioned at least once that I have children, both fairly young, both boys. Often I’ll get asked, “Are you disappointed you didn’t have a girl?”

My answer? “Nope. It really works best this way. When they get older I’ll only have two male parts to worry about, not hundreds of them.”

Of course I usually use a different term than “male part”, and people either get it or they don’t or think it’s funny or inappropriate depending on their personality. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t make it any less true.

Recently, while my family was on our church trip, my four year-old fell victim to the love bug. Yes. You read that right. He’s FOUR. Now, to back up a bit, my older son, who’s five, also had female trouble when he was four–it came in the form of unrequited love, however; and though we all had to hear about this girl day in and day out for nearly a year and a half (still do sometimes), that’s all it was. He’d just talk about her at meals and on the way to preschool talk about how he couldn’t wait to see her. They’d play and eat lunch together at school, that kind of stuff. This went along nicely for these two until Mommy interfered (hey, the girl was picking his scabs, that was just gross). After that, I still had to hear about her until the day I cautiously explained to a very lovesick and slightly heartbroken little boy that his affections were not returned. Do I still hear about her sometimes? Yes, unfortunately. But not near like I once did, and for that my husband and I are truly grateful.

Now I get to hear all about June, who just so happens to be the daughter of my minister, and how much Henry, my younger son, loves her, and how to my good fortune she loves him, too. Don’t misunderstand, there’s nothing wrong with her, but the certainly not unrequited nor hidden love and admiration these two share for each other has led to a few very uncomfortable conversations. One such conversation happened just yesterday while I was driving 75mph on the turnpike.

HENRY: “Mom, I need my blanket clean for when June and I go to sleep.”

ME: “Pardon?”

EDDIE (other son): “Henry says he needs his blanket clean so he and June can sleep together.”

ME: “Uh, Henry, you’ll not be sleeping with June.”

HENRY: “Wwwwhhhhhyyyyyy?”

ME: “Because boys and girls don’t sleep together.”

HENRY: “Why not? We want to take a nap together.’

ME: “Henry, you’re not sleeping with June. You and June each have your own beds, you’ll sleep there. You two can play together, but you can’t sleep together.”

EDDIE: “But Mom, they’re just going to sleep together.”

ME: “Boys, stop arguing with me. Henry and June will not be sharing a bed.” And then, it hit me. What in the world was I saying? He’s only FOUR and I’m already having this conversation with him. Of course the actual meaning of the conversation will be slightly different when he’s a teen.

Anyway, just thought you all could use a little humor in your day!

3 thoughts on “Ah, young love, just what is a mother to do?”

  1. So I am enjoying a quiet afternoon while my 2 year old is napping and the other 3 aren’t home from school yet. I decided to go back and read all your old blog entries that I haven’t read before. I just have to say I have had similar conversations with my now 7 year old. I really think he is going to give us the most trouble. He is so obsessed with kissing. The last week or so when my husband and I just want some alone time to just talk or snuggle, my son will not leave us alone. If we even kiss in front of him he is right there watching with the biggest grin on his face. I though seven year olds were supposed to be grossed out by this. Apparently not.

    1. LOL Your son sounds like my oldest—he loves hugs and kisses, from us, but he is rather put off by them at school. I have the funniest thing to post about this, I’ll have to wait a few days though. Totally hilarious.

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