Things that drive writers crazy in relation to men

Ever tried to control you husband, boyfriend, son, or just about anyone of the male persuasion in general? While some women manage this task with great ease, others don’t!

In the first five books I’ve written I managed to match the hero/heroine up very well. In the first book, Andrew soon became powerless against his feelings and did the right thing when he realized he’d actually fallen in love with the strong and blunt Brooke. In the second book it was Liberty who needed to be the corralled and Paul was the man for the job. Instead of dominating her like some heroes do, he took a different approach to try to get her to step out from behind the curtain of propriety and stop denying who she was and it worked. It took a long time, but it worked. Then, Benjamin and Madison were written with the intent of keeping each other in check. Both had personalities with traits that helped them discover not just who the other was, but who they were and realize true love does last a lifetime.

Then came the second series. Without giving away too many details, I will say Alex meets the perfect woman for him. Though she comes from a different background and has a few different personality traits, they are very similar where it counts and balance each other out very well, bringing out a side in each other they never expected they had. The fifth book also has a good, equally matched set. BUT then there comes the sixth!

I am still trying to figure these two out. Of course I better do so rather quickly so it can be edited and ready in the next few months. However, this time I’ve created a woman more unafraid to be herself than Brooke and a man who’s made (and is still making) a blunder that rivals Andrew’s and Benjamin’s idiocy rolled into one. The only difference is love is the furthest thing from either of these two’s minds at this point so it’s not like they could have a giant revelation in the next day or two and decide to make things right (or compromise in her case).

The first five couples I created had difficult spots in their relationship but I was able to straighten them out with, mostly by giving the man the right heroine. This time, however, I think it’ll take nothing less than a swift kick in his pants (figuratively, not literally) to get him to do the right thing, and perhaps this stubborn woman is the right one to do that. But only if he can be somewhat agreeable long enough for her to maybe not fall in love with him, but at least like him. As it is now, she does neither, and that is quite a problem with a romance novel…

So you see, whether in real life or in La La Land, it can be just downright difficult to control a man!

2 thoughts on “Things that drive writers crazy in relation to men”

  1. Is hero #6 the one with the scar or the a widower with kids? My mind is drawing a blank.

    Yes, men are horrible to try to control. You could go the route my husband once recommended to me. They’re still fighting and everything when he suddenly wakes up and thinks, “What a crazy dream” and snuggles up happily with the heroine as if nothing was ever wrong. I told him that kind of ending would never work, but he’s still convinced it would. LOL

    I don’t know if this would help, but sometimes I bite the bullet and just let the characters continue to do their stupid things to see if they can pull it off. It’s hard at times because I’m not always sure they can. Most of the time, they do, but sometimes they don’t, which requires rewriting. Anyway, just a thought. I loathe rewriting so I stress out when my characters give me problems.

    1. #6 is the widower with three little girls and he can’t decide if they need a mother or governess more so he marries a woman he wants to act as both. As you can imagine this does not endear him to her. And for good reason. The problem is I just don’t know how to fix this in a way where it’s actually fixed and believable.

      I don’t think your husband’s advice will work so well on this one. LOL That sounds like something my husband would suggest if he would actually listen to me when I ask for his advice. Instead he says, “You write it, I’ll read it.” So he’s not exactly a sounding board for me.

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