Oh, the romanctic things in life…

This post is a bit random, but maybe it’ll give you something to think about.

For some reason I can’t seem to place, I get asked a lot if my life is like living in a romance novel. My response? Are you nuts?!

Following a botched elopement that will have to wait for another day to be discussed, my husband and I have been married for more than six years, have two young children and as I once overheard him say after only three months of marriage, “The romance stage has passed.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I am married to a very sweet man who genuinely loves me, or so he says… (I’m just kidding, he does.) But sometimes I have to seriously wonder if romance really exists outside of books.

Of course there is love outside of books, but what about romance?

I think that depends on how one defines romance. My husband, bless him, has a tendency to wait until the last-minute to buy me gifts for things like my birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, our anniversary etc. While most men might remember the importance of the day just before pulling into the driveway and opt to make the block and go to the nearest gas station or grocery store and find something to give their wives, my husband typically stays one step ahead and just stops off at the gift shop in the hospital he works in to find me something before he leaves work!

For fear of telling about all my husband’s…er…odd gifts, I won’t name the little jewels I’ve received from him over the years, but I will say each one has been unique to say the least.

But this stuff speaks of love, right? He brings me something to show he loves me and remembers the significance of the day. But what of romance? Or are they the same thing?

Dictionary.com says, romance is to court the favor of or make overtures to; play up to.

So ladies, as weird as it may be, whenever your man brings you anything from a pair of one-size-fits-all crocs that are two inches too big to a three-pack pair of mismatched socks, he IS romancing you! So accept his gift, and feel not only loved, but romanced!

*As a disclaimer, today is not my birthday, anniversary or any other day for which my husband is supposed to buy me a gift.

2 thoughts on “Oh, the romanctic things in life…”

  1. LOL The last sentence was probably intended for him so he wouldn’t panic. 😉

    You know what I think true romance is? Taking care of your spouse when they’re sick, confronting an angry emailer on your behalf, standing up for you when the family gives you grief, going out to the store to buy the dreaded maxipads because you’re too sick to go, etc. As gross as it sounds, my mom used to say, “Real romance is holding someone’s hair up while they throw up so they don’t get their hair messy.”

    The danger in our culture is that we expect romance to be all about how we feel when we’re with the person, but it’s really about what we do for the other person. If more people understood that, there’d be less of these “I’m not in love anymore” and “You don’t fulfill me anymore” divorces. The easy part is falling in love. The hard part is committing to it.

    Enough soap box.

    I think the quick stop at the gift shop is cute. 😀

    1. Agreed. When I first wrote this, my post included a much broader scope of everyday things that are easily dismissed as love/romance. But then I thought I’d better narrow it down to keep it short and to the point so not to bore anyone.

      Love is also spoon-feeding your spouse yogurt when they’re half-asleep and have just had oral surgery! (Even if the eater ends up wearing the yogurt, it’s still all an act of love.)

      As someone told me, love is a choice, not just an emotion.

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