An In-the-Carriage Chat with Brooke Black, Countess of Townson, the Next Day…

Brooke, is something amiss?

*wipes a steady stream of tears from her eye and sniffles in a very unladylike fashion* Amiss? Amiss? Yes, something’s amiss. I married the dirtiest, filthiest scoundrel there ever was. How could you?!

How could I what?

Have me marry him!

Well, I believe you recited those vows yourself…

I know that. But if it hadn’t been for you writing me that way I wouldn’t have.

Are you telling me you don’t love him?

I do, but he doesn’t love me.

Doesn’t he?

No. If he did he wouldn’t have done such a despicable thing.

Are you sure on that? You didn’t exactly let him explain, you know?

There was nothing to explain. He accepted–accepted–well, I don’t know what he accepted. But he was willing to accept something in exchange for deliberately hurting me.

And don’t you want to know what that something is?

Quite frankly, no. I’d rather not know.

But he wants to tell you.

I have no desire to listen.

Hmm, and is there a chance you might change your mind?


Tell me, Brooke, are you upset at what he did or how you found out?

*blinks rapidly* Both. He shouldn’t have done such a distasteful thing, but since he did, he should have had the decency to tell me.

And when would he have done that?

I don’t know. Last night?

Weren’t the two of you rather busy last night?

*scowls* We certainly could have made time for that conversation.

Ah huh, and do you think after said conversation you would have forgiven him?

That’s impossible to know. Since he didn’t offer the information we shall never know.

True. Exactly what are you planning to do now?

Go home.

To London?

No. To Brooklyn. You should know that, Rose, you wrote the book.

Right you are. However, sometimes my characters have a tendency to do their own thing, regardless of what I want them to do.

Well, apparently Andrew wasn’t one such character. He seemed to stick to your plan.

Interesting. Well, you’ll never really know, will you? Perhaps this was meant to be one of those bittersweet endings where everyone decides it’s best to stay apart and he changed my mind.

I doubt that. It wouldn’t be a romance if that would have happened. Not by the RWA’s standards anyway, whatever that is.

Ah, but see, that’s the beauty of not having a traditional publisher. I can write my book however I want. I can have the hero or heroine die in the end, or leave them with a touch of unrequited love. I have no one to answer for.

You wouldn’t!

Perhaps I would. You know, dearest, it was because of you that I passed up a traditional contract?


*nods* Yes, you. See, they wanted me to have you…uh…shall we say, be more seducable in the gardens the other night.

No! They wanted me to squander my virtue?!


Well…well…well, I don’t know what to say.

A simple, “thank you” should suffice.

Rather smug aren’t you?

Of course I am. I think I made the best choice for both my career and my character. It was a win-win all the way around.

It won’t be a win-win, or whatever you call it, if this book doesn’t end with a happily-ever-after.

Then I guess you’ll just have to speak to him again.

Then he better chase me down!

I’ll see what I can arrange.

2 thoughts on “An In-the-Carriage Chat with Brooke Black, Countess of Townson, the Next Day…”

  1. “You should know that, Rose, you wrote the book.”

    This one had me laughing out loud. I love it when characters get an attitude. 😛

    Brooke, you’re better off since a publisher wasn’t involved. I read the whole thing and know how things go. 😉

    1. Yes, well, Brooke seemed to be extra irritable today. I have a feeling that had to do with the knowledge she gained while standing outside a certain room this morning.

      And yes, I agree Brooke was much better off without a publisher’s interference. She’ll realize that soon enough!

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