Intereview with John and Carolina Banks, Secondary Characters from Intentions of the Earl

Good morning, today I’ve dragged in John and Carolina Banks to talk a little about the man who’s courting their daughter Brooke. John, Carolina, how do you feel about the earl?

CB: Oh, he’s absolutely wonderful.


JB: I wouldn’t say he’s wonderful, but I like him well enough.

So if he were to ask for Brooke’s hand in marriage, you’d accept?

CB: Of course!

JB: I’d consider it.

Consider it?

JB: Yes, consider it. I barely know the young man. My daughter may have an interest in him, but that does not mean he’s the man for her. I’d have to get to know him a bit better.

And what do you need to know?

JB: Just about everything. All I know about him I’ve learned from my brother Edward. That’s not exactly enough to recommend a man as marriage material for my daughter.

You mean Edward didn’t shower you with glowing remarks about Andrew’s reputation?

JB: No. He did not. Most of what he said was indifferent, which is very unusual for Edward. Normally the man is as blunt as can be.

CB: That doesn’t matter. We’ll get to know him. Besides, many couples get married to people who they don’t know everything about. If they waited until they knew everything, they’d never get married.

Very true. All right, just based on what you know, would you allow him to marry your daughter, should he ask?

JB: *grumbles* I suppose so, yes.

Just what do you think you need to know about him anyway? Do you not trust him?

JB: That’s what I’m not sure of. See, he’s conducted his courtship in the most unusual way.

CB: Oh John, let it go. He’s still skeptical of the man because he didn’t ask his permission first.

JB: Well, he should have done. That’s the way of it. You ask the lady’s father if you may court her.

CB: Uh huh, just like you asked my father?

JB: Carolina, that is entirely different and not up for discussion right now.


JB: Forget about that. The facts remain we hardly know the man. We have no idea if his intentions toward Brooke are honorable or not.

His intentions?

JB: Yes, the book is titled, Intentions of the Earl, is it not?

Yes, it is. But do you have reason to believe his intentions are less than honorable?

CB: I’ll answer this. One of our daughters may have once had a suitor who had less than honorable intentions.

JB: *snorts* Actually it was two.

CB: I don’t believe that. It was just the one. I still have faith in the other. *sighs* That doesn’t matter now. What does matter is John is skeptical of any man who’s shown the slightest interest in one of our daughters since then. Whether he has reason to be or not.

Does that mean you see no reason John ought be skeptical of the earl?

CB: I see no reason he should. The earl seems very honest and sincere to me. He’s practically besotted with Brooke.

JB: Perhaps that’s just what he wants us to think. Honestly, I hope his intentions are honorable. I believe if they were not, my daughter would be devastated. However, if they are, I’ll approve the match after a suitable amount of time.

Hmm, and does the fact that he’s close friends with Alex hold any bearing on your beliefs?

JB: Actually, that is his one saving grace. My nephew is such an honorable man I don’t think he’d have a friend who didn’t have at least one shred of decency.

Well, that’s good to know.

JB: Indeed it is. We’ll just have to see how this all plays out and hope for the best.

CB: Oh, it’ll play out just fine.

I’m glad to see you have such confidence, Carolina. We’ll talk again soon, I’m sure.

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