It’s May!

I can’t believe it’s finally May! Here’s what’s new/happening around her for the month:

  • Yesterday I posted May’s Newsletter.
  • This month I’m plan to start featuring books here on Wednesdays. This month’s theme is childhood friends who fall in love.
  • I still have a handful of Character Interviews from Intentions of the Earl to post. Then hopefully toward the end of the month I’ll have a final recap from everyone from the series.
  • I’m looking for a few more beta readers for my next series. From the two places I’ve already advertised this I’ve gotten an outstanding response, but I still need a few more. Interestingly enough, most people have requested Alex’s book but I can’t have everyone read the same one so if you’re interested in acting as a beta reader, please e-mail me. I have a six short questions (I’ll post them below) that won’t take but a few minutes to answer. I’m really just trying to get an idea of what you liked in the past so I know which book/plot/characters etc is probably a better suit for you. When you buy a book you can stop reading at any minute if you don’t like it, but this is a bit different so I’d prefer not to give people books they’re not likely to enjoy.
  • Other than that there’s not a lot going on except a few interviews I’ve done about certain books or my unusual writing habits. One at Lady Silk is still posted. Another one at Coffee Time Romance just posted. Later this month there I’ll participate in an Author to Author Interview somewhere else (I’ll post the link when it goes live) and I must say I was given a few unusual questions to answer at that one.

I think that about covers it, I’ll be back to post an interview tomorrow.

*If you have an interest in being a beta reader for my next series, here’s what I need. Just send an e-mail to rose@rosegordonromance.com 

The books won’t go out for this until early to mid July so it’ll be a bit of a wait. I’m just trying to line people up for it now. If you haven’t read all the books I’ve written to have a favorite/least favorite book/character, that’s fine. Just answer based off what you have read. Some of the characters and/or personality traits do cross over so please be honest, you’re not going to hurt my feelings. Not everybody likes every book, that’s just the way of it.

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