Operation eBook Drop

Today, I’m not going to talk about my books specifically, but a program that allows deployed men and women who are in the United States Military get to enjoy free eBooks.

From the Imagination and Graphic Artistry of K.A. M'Lady & P.M. Dittman.


Operation eBook Drop was created by independent author Edward C. Patterson who, with the cooperation of Mark Coker, founder  of Smashwords, set the program in action. This dynamic web site is designed as a tool to facilitate interaction between publishers, authors and troops. (Taken from Operation eBook Drop website)

So far, nearly 750 authors have chosen to participate by offering a combination of roughly 4,000 eBooks for free to deployed troops. Most of these books are “couponed” through Smashwords so the books can be read on whichever eReading medium is available to the person downloading the book.

If you’re an author who would like to join–and no, I don’t think it matters if you write a genre generally read by only one sex, I write romance and noticed a good number of women on the e-mail list–you may sign up by shooting an e-mail to Edward Patterson at edwpat@att.net He’ll add you to the list of authors and e-mail you from time to time with an updated list of troops who you’ll mail information about your books and coupons to.

Likewise, if you are deployed, or know someone who is and would enjoy a new selection of FREE books to read while away, you may also sign up by contacting Edward Patterson at edwpat@att.net

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