To Win His Wayward Wife is Now Available!

The long-awaited third and final Scandalous Sisters Book, To Win His Wayward Wife, is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

If you are not a Kindle or Nook reader, other formats are available here

(Now, I must run off into hiding before someone kills me for the content in the book!)

5 thoughts on “To Win His Wayward Wife is Now Available!”

    1. Do I want to go read the post you saw me talked about on? After what I discovered earlier, I’m not sure I want to stick my nose where I wasn’t invited, lol.

    2. I think I saw the post. Was it in the “Bad in bed heroes thread”? I felt like chiming in and telling them that was not the book with the bumbling virgin, but wasn’t sure how well it would be received if I chimed in on a thread as an author.

      1. Yes, that is the one they were talking about. I don’t think anything I say will be welcome either since I’m an author, and they vote down authors pretty fast unless the author is a frequent member who rarely discusses her book. I don’t have that kind of time to hang out and talk books anymore, so I just lurk. Most of the time, I’m looking for books and like the hero bad in bed theme, though I have yet to be interested in any they’ve recommended. I guess it’d be best to not say anything. However, since you were mentioned, someone is still bound to check it out, and since the poster said she didn’t know if it applied to the thread, I don’t think anyone can cry fowl. I’d think the fact that you were mentioned by a reader (and not an author) would spark some interest. 🙂

        And yes, I’m in pen name because of a post I made earlier and I’m too lazy to hop on the other computer.

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