Cover Change?

As you may or may not know, I’ve had some trouble with the cover for my upcoming book, To Win His Wayward Wife, which is finally coming out next week.

Here’s a picture of the original cover:

First cover

 To me (and several others), something just didn’t look right. It wasn’t the picture exactly, but the text. The text seemed to fade… But when I tried a lighter color, it faded, too. After a suggestion made to me by Gretchen Galway about making the text “pop” or “glow”, I played with it a bit more and came up with:

Second Cover
For the past week, I’ve had a poll running on my website about this cover, and for a few more days I’ll put one back up here to get some input. If you still think something looks off, don’t hesitate to put it in the “other” or leave a comment!

Thanks for your opinion! Tomorrow, I’ll have a nice chat with one Mister Robert Swift!

Share your thoughts--I'd love to hear them!

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