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One 5 am Upload, Two Hyper Kids, A Visiting Mother-in-Law and the Time Change

I have never looked forward to a Monday as much as I did yesterday morning at 8, oh excuse me, 9.

First, I must confess I forgot all about daylight savings time. I woke up at what I thought was four but later realized was actually five in order to check on my book. While waiting for the Internet to load, I noticed the clock in the bottom of my computer screen kept showing an hour ahead of the clock on the wall. Ignoring the possibility that my wall clock could be wrong, I groaned and wondered how I could be using a computer with the wrong time for the past few months. Then, as if hit by lightning, at the exact same moment I got the Internet connection repaired, I remembered the time change and had to take a moment of silence for the loss of a perfectly good sleeping hour.

My two kids, however, had no problem adjusting to the new time and sprang right out of bed at six. Go figure. Instead of being good little children like I hoped I’d trained them to be, they ran around the house screaming and creating a ruckus that would have collapsed the entire house if we didn’t have a brick exterior and a slab foundation. All the while, every thirty seconds one would come up and ask me how many more minutes until their grandmother came to pick them up for the day.

Of course my mother-in-law who just happens to be visiting from out-of-state forgot the time change, too, and by the time she came to get them, I honestly couldn’t tell you who was happier to see her, the kids or me.

But no one really cares about all that, right? It does nothing more than prove that, like most of you, I really am a human who has a hectic life full of chaos and I do forget things…

However, I did not forget what today is or the importance. Today is Pi Day, not Pie Day, but Pi Day! That’s right. Today is 3/14 or Pi Day. You remember pi from geometry class, don’t you? That figure you multiply the diameter of the circle by in order to get the circumference? Or you can also use it to find the area of a circle by squaring the radius and multiplying it by pi. Today is the day to celebrate and embrace pi (and pie, if you wish). So go have a slice of pie, and calculate the circumference of the pie by using pi.

There was something else important about today, too… Hmm, what was it? 

Oh, I remember now. The second book in my Scandalous Sisters Series, Liberty for Paul, comes out today! And as much as I like numbers, I believe this Pi Day my pie eating will be to celebrate the new release and not the number… I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I did writing it!

***It’s rather difficult to find right off over at Amazon, so here’s the link if you’re a Kindle user. My website‘s homepage also has direct links to all places it’s available.***

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