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Liberty for Paul, Less Than a Week Away

Next Monday, the second installment in my Scandalous Sisters series comes out, Liberty for Paul.  This book is most definitely different from the last and falls firmly into the category of a romantic comedy, of the historical variety, of course.

Not only does this story focus on the love growing between the two characters, but one of the characters has a lot to learn about living and truly loving another. I personally thought the book would be difficult to write as I finished up the first one, but it wasn’t. Actually, this book was easier to write because I knew a certain character needed to grow as a person in order to fully embrace love, and all the little stops along the way became a lot of fun to write after I figured out that out.

Whether you read the first one or not you can guess who the hero/heroine are, but as I said, the story isn’t just about falling in love, it’s about the many bumps in the road along the way that shape a person and allow them to let go enough to fall.

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