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March Madness has a new meaning for this author

Though not typically a basketball fan, I do find myself listening to scores, rankings and matchups every year during the month of March. However, this March, I believe I’ll be experiencing a new type of madness. The kind that makes an author excited with two kinds of excitement: eager anticipation and extremely nervous.

My second book, Liberty for Paul, is set to be released March 14th, and just like last time, unease starts to set it as the date gets closer. This book is much lighter and more comical than my last, focusing mainly on the couple themselves and their relationship. The pair was first introduced in Intentions of the Earl and could hardly abide each other. This book starts in the same fashion with Liberty seeking revenge against the man, but in her plan for revenge she overlooks one little detail which leads to a hasty marriage between the two…sort of. For a more detailed description visit my website.

Besides the release of a new book, I must decide on a cover for its follow-up, the last in this series, To Win His Wayward Wife, which will be released April 18th. After switching between three different covers, and getting mixed results for each, I am back to the drawingboard, so to speak.

I also have plans to pick back up on my fifth book and hopefully complete it before the month’s end–we’ll see, I only have about 55,000 words written and my books tend to run 95,000-100,000 words, so I’m little more than halfway.

Busy month full of madness, but the enjoyable kind, for sure!

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