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Did you mean rose garden?

The sage advice of many before publishing a book is to type your name (or your pen name) into the search engine and see what comes up.

When I first typed mine in, I came up with a list of about six webpages, mostly facebook or other social networking profiles. However, up at the top of the page, right below the google search bar, it said, “Did you mean rose garden?” No, no, I didn’t mean rose garden, but thanks anyway.

So what’s in a name? 

Some use their real name just so it’s one less thing they have to remember. Some use a pen name for anonymity. Others don’t care either way, and usually let the search results help them decide. Nobody wants to have people type in their name and have someone search through a bunch of junk to find their site.

What about ease of spelling?  Particularly female names can be difficult to spell. A good majority of women’s names have more than one spelling. If you use your real first name (or a pen name) and spell it one of the less common ways it could either help, but most likely hinder you, at times, especially when first starting.

In the same line of thought, what about names that are so close to another name they could easily be confused for another name (the names Christina/Christine/Kristin spring to mind)?

When I went to decide my name, I was undecided. My husband pushed for Rose Gordon, and I was thinking I should pick something else because of the rose garden mix up. But then he made a few valid points (something, he doesn’t do too often, mind you). Rose Gordon is short and simple at a total of ten letters, it’s two very common names that are rarely misspelled (except Gordon/Gordan occasionally), and perhaps the rose garden will help people remember. I dismissed his last point, but did conceded short, simple and rarely misspelled works greatly to my advantage.

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